The diversity project

Approximately 20 per cent of Sweden’s current population consists of people with a foreign background although this figure is not reflected within the legal profession. At Vinge we think that it is both important and quite natural that efforts should be made to increase the level of diversity both within society as a whole and also within our own business and we want to actively contribute to furthering the issue of integration. In furtherance of this objective, Vinge’s Diversity Project has been running for the last decade. 

The aim of the Diversity Project is to broaden the ethnic diversity of members of the legal profession and to capitalise on the competence and the possibilities engendered by diversity. An integrated legal profession can only be achieved if people with a foreign background apply to study law at undergraduate level throughout the country. In order to motivate young people to pursue university studies in general and legal studies in particular, Vinge has decided to concentrate on upper secondary pupils as part of the Project. 

The diversity project is called “Working life on equal terms – a diversity project” and is conducted in close co-operation between Vinge and Ross Tensta and St. Botvids upper secondary schools in Stockholm, Angereds upper secondary school in Gothenburg and Malmö latinskola upper secondary school in Malmö. 

The essential feature of Vinge’s Diversity Project is to co-operate closely with the selected Swedish upper secondary schools and offer all pupils at these schools a unique package consisting of, among other things, education, presentations, scholarships and the possibility to work as a summer trainee at Vinge. The pupils at these schools have the possibility to apply for scholarships based on different qualification criteria. 

In 2012, we conducted an evaluation of the Diversity Project to coincide with the Project’s tenth anniversary. Download the report here