Welcome to Vinge

Vinge is Sweden’s leading corporate full service law firm. We combine the capacity of being able to deal with the largest mandates with our commitment to each individual client. We combine breadth with extensive specialist expertise. We combine experience with an entrepreneurial spirit which means that we always look for alternative solutions and new paths.

We have the world’s best clients and this means that we want to achieve excellence in everything we do. It is here, in the interplay between size, competence, experience, the desire for innovation and our commitment to our clients, that Vinge becomes the leading law firm in Sweden. 

We are corporate lawyers
International corporate and business law is becoming increasingly complex and resource intensive. In the current harsh competitive climate there are only a few Nordic law firms that can compete and Vinge is one of them. 

Vinge has some of the best lawyers in Sweden. Thanks to our broad level of expertise no challenge is too difficult for us to undertake. 

Our clients come to us because they want to have advisers who see the possibilities offered by the law and not just the limitations that it may impose. They come to us because they want to expand and develop their business. 

We are a full service firm
Up until the 1980s there were no Swedish law firms which could deal with all areas of business law. This changed in 1983 when four law firms merged to become one, i.e. Vinge. 

Today we are one of the largest corporate law firms in the Nordic region and leading in Sweden. Our size and history mean that we can offer our clients a level of experience which is surpassed by few. Our services cover all areas of corporate and business law and you can be sure that we will be able to deal with all types of challenges. 

We always do everything we can to help our clients achieve success. We do it by seeing beyond the problems. We see the solutions. 

Welcome to Vinge.