• Vinge awarded for its gender diversity initiatives

    Press release , 17 June 2016

    For the fourth time, Vinge has won the award, European Women in Business Law – Sweden 2016. Vinge won the award for its gender diversity initiatives in the legal profession. Last year, Vinge was the first Swedish law firm to set the goal of having women represent 50 per cent of all newly appointed partners within the next five years.
  • The outcome of the referendum for Sweden

    News , 26 May 2016

    If the British voters choose to leave the EU on the 23rd of June big changes will take place, both in a large perspective and in a more direct way. What would be the consequences for Sweden? Erik Lagerlöf, who is a senior associate at Vinge with a particular interest in EU and international law, explains some of the issues involved.
  • After the Referendum

    News , 25 May 2016

    On the 23rd of June this year, the British voters are faced with the choice of leaving or staying within the EU. Regardless of the result, we know that the outcome of the referendum will generate legal, political and economic consequences for both Sweden and the rest of the EU.
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